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3 Tips to Start Living with Intention NOW

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woman in the fieldDo you ever feel like you’re on the hamster wheel of life, just going through the motions and living in your comfort zone? Do you want to live with more purpose but feel like you’re waiting for a wake up call to snap you into action? Well that’s what I’m here for!

I had that wake up call a few short years ago when I realized that I didn’t actually want to spend the rest of my life with the man I was engaged to. I had become so used to the comfort of having him as my companion and living my safe, predictable life, that I forgot that I wasn’t actually happy. I had probably known the whole time we were dating that he wasn’t right for me, but I ignored it because he saw a future for us, which made me believe there was a future for us. I had lost sight of what I really wanted. When I imagined my future moving down this path I didn’t like what I saw. I saw someone out of alignment with her highest values – someone in an unhappy marriage heading for divorce and lacking passion and purpose in her career. That was a huge wake up call for me. I wanted to live a joyful life with the perfect man for me and have a career I was passionate about. Both of these desires were far from my situation at the time.

When I took the leap to break up with my fiancé AND leave my teaching job to start my own relationship coaching business, it was emotional and scary. However, it propelled me into a whole new way of being – living with intention. I had moved from feeling numb every day to feeling passionate and hopeful for my bright future.

I want you to experience the wonder of living with intention, purpose, and passion too. You don’t have to wait for a wake up call like I did. Your wakeup call is here! There is no better time to start living the joyful life of your dreams!

After experiencing my own shift from living a life of average to a life of awesome, I wanted to share 3 tips to start living with intention NOW.

1. Rediscover your Core Values. What is important to you and what do you want to prioritize in your life for more joy? Think about your top 5 values in life. It could be family, connecting to others, personal growth, abundance or fulfillment. There may be many that matter to you, but narrowing down to your top 5 will help you to concentrate on what is most important. Once you have chosen your core values, look at where you are spending most of your time. Then you can integrate your core values into your daily life by shifting your priorities to align with your values. When you are living by your values you feel purpose in every day.

2. Be Honest with Yourself About Your Thoughts and Feelings. In my experience I felt doubts about my relationship but I didn’t want to believe them. I was lying to myself. When you do this, you cheat yourself out of living a fulfilled life as your authentic self. Take a moment to think about if you are really happy in various areas of your life. If you are feeling doubts or uneasiness about a particular area, then you are probably right. What could you do to change it so you are happier? You may need to set more boundaries so you have time in your life to do some things you love. You may need to let go of certain relationships that aren’t in your best interest. Even small shifts can be made to help you create a life with more purpose and fulfillment.

3. Be Conscious of Your Thoughts. Thoughts create your reality. So if you are always thinking negatively, you will always lack happiness. If you are positive and grateful, your life will feel abundant. Are your thoughts working for you or against you? When you are conscious of your thoughts you begin to realize how negatively or positively you are showing up in the world. Your whole day can change with just a small shift of positive thinking. Who do you want to be and how do you want to experience the world? Do you want to be the best version of yourself and live with more joy? Or do you want to allow your stress and discontent to consume you and define who you are? If you want to experience more joy, thinking positively will be an amazing start that will continue to bring more happiness and opportunities your way.

How are you going to live with more intention starting TODAY!? Share with us what you’re most excited about doing!


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