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About Abrian

He was on one knee…and instead of the answer, “YES” ringing in my head it was, “OH SHIT!”…How romantic, right?

EngagedI made the hardest decision of my life and broke a perfectly nice guy’s heart to follow a path to my own life’s happiness. Was it easy to leave a perfectly comfortable relationship? No. Was it easy to break the heart of a guy who was sweet, loving, and did nothing but treat me wonderfully? No. Was it easy letting go of the idea of getting married when there was someone promising to love and cherish me for life? No. But did I know that there was someone better for me out there? Yes. And was it worth taking a chance to leave this relationship so I could be open to the perfect man for me? ABSOLUTELY!

How did I do it?

I invested in myself to discover who I am. I dug deep to find not only what I want most, but also my true value within. Taking the risk to step out of my comfort zone and leave that relationship so I could be open to the extraordinary life partner I truly wanted to be with was scary…and the best decision I ever made. In fact, it sparked me to become a relationship coach and help others take steps toward finding the true love they deserve!

By breaking free from the relationship that was wrong for me and discovering my personal power, my true self was revealed, paving the way for my true soul mate!

We all come to a point in our lives when we realize “I am more than this. I am not going to settle.” When we do this, we are building the foundation to create what we really want in life.

And, this is what I want for you: To believe that the best is out there for you and to take action that aligns with that belief!

My signature system will show you how!

Abrian SuazoAs a relationship coach, Abrian Suazo inspires and encourages women to express their authentic selves to attract what they most want in life. With years of personal experience, Abrian understands the ups and downs of dating. Her ability to reflect and learn from her own experience, coupled with her expert coaching skills, makes her uniquely qualified to help women attract the life partner they deserve. She believes each of us has a soul mate out there and the more we understand ourselves the better we transmit great energy to attract who is perfect for us. She is a certified professional coach and completed her training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an accredited training program by the International Coaching Federation. She is a certified Master Practitioner in administering the iChart Index, an assessment that reveals why you’re struggling to find your soul mate and helps you to understand how your beliefs are working for you or against you. With a Masters of Education from Northwestern, Abrian loves to utilize her teaching skills to create the eye opening “aha”s that single women are longing for, to understand themselves, and to find Mr. Right.

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