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Bachelor Blog: Is Anyone Real Here?

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As I tried to sift through the craziness that made up this week’s show the theme that came through for me was that it seems like true colors of girls are really starting to come out and I wonder who is really being genuine. Isn’t being real and authentic an important part of getting to know someone you are dating? In the real world it is, but even then it is hard to tear down our walls and be ourselves. On the Bachelor with cameras all around it seems like it would be even harder to shed that protective coating and be authentic. Every girl wants to display her best image, which isn’t necessarily true.

I think that even with the pressures of the show, some people are doing a better job than others at still being real while others look absolutely crazy! Here are some examples:

Kelsey: Here is our best example of crazy on the show (now that Ashley S is gone). It may have seemed like Kelsey was trying to be authentic when she went to Chris’ hotel room to tell him her “story” as she calls it. Which is just the truth about her past – that she was married before and her husband died suddenly over a year ago. However, this seemingly genuine conversation was tainted by the fact that this was a strategic move by Kelsey. She was concerned that she would be eliminated and wanted to take some sort of action that would keep her in the running. This alone is a bit of a concern but her following actions were down right crazy! She went on and on to the camera about how her “story” was just so great and that even though the show is about Chris it is also about her and her triumph over tragedy and finding love again. I just don’t feel like this is something a genuinely hurt yet strong woman would say. It sounds like a woman who desperately wants attention to feel better about herself. I think she needs serious therapy even if she has already seen someone. If that panic attack she had at the end of the show was genuine she needs therapy. If it was faked (which I hope it wasn’t) she needs to be committed! We will have to see what happened on the next show since they said “To Be Continued.” I hate that!

Britt: This girl may be real for the most part when it comes to her personality but there is nothing real about putting on makeup before you go to bed. Men appreciate and are attracted to girls when they see them without makeup, looking natural. If you are constantly wearing makeup even when you get out of bed in the morning he can’t see the real you. So Britt needs to wash her face before bed – actually she needs to work on her personal hygiene and take more showers in general. I’m also not sure if it is true but one of the girls said Britt told her that she doesn’t want to get married or have kids anytime soon. However, she told Chris she wants tons of kids. Hmmm wondering if she is really being honest. Just take off your makeup and be real Britt!

Ashley: Besides her fake eye lashes, Ashley seems to be herself all the time. But she is so delusional I’m not sure if it counts. Emotional immaturity + insecurity = Crazy Ashley. She said that Jordan needs to grow up so she can be more “marriage-ready” yet Ashley has never had a relationship before so is she really “marriage-ready?” And why has she never had a boyfriend before? Hmmmm… I wonder. She cries every time Chris even looks at another girl. She cried when Whitney received a rose saying she is not the right type of girl for Chris. Well he must think she is if he is giving her the rose! She is so unstable I’m surprised she isn’t the one having panic attacks. She is like a baby and when she doesn’t get what she wants she cries. I think she is a good example of how not to be. She needs to mature and find confidence in herself so she can stop worrying and comparing herself to others (and stop crying about all the things other girls are getting that she is not)!

What do you think about all the crazy that happened this week?

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