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Bachelor Blog: Kelsey…You Crazy Girl!

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What can I say? This was the week of Kelsey. I have a lot of highlights to go through and then my lesson for today’s blog is pretty simple…Don’t be psycho!

Let’s begin with Kelsey’s panic attack. Do you think she was faking it? A lot of the girls on the show thought so. I also found it interesting to see how fast she bounced back when she asked to see Chris and thought she deserved a rose after her break down. I believe she was definitely scared she would be sent home and made sure to pull out every stop she could to get Chris to keep her there. Some of the girls had great points to share about Kelsey. Jade said, “Sam has had terrible things happen to her that have shaped her but she didn’t use it as a level up.” Carly said that Kelsey was a “manipulative, black widow.” Of course the hilarious Kaitlyn also shared that “It’s not about Kelsey’s sad story, it’s about her being a shit human being.”

Chris may not have seen Kelsey’s true colors completely but things came out during his two-on-one date with Ashley and Kelsey. I don’t entirely agree with Ashley throwing Kelsey under the bus but I think that she wanted Chris to know that her and the other girls didn’t get along with Kelsey and that she was fake. Ashley has handled things in a super immature way, which is probably a reason why Chris ultimately did not give her the rose. But I also think that he wasn’t feeling a connection with Kelsey anyway even if he hadn’t heard that she wasn’t getting along with the other girls. I loved the reaction of the girls back at the house when they saw the production person come in and take Kelsey’s suitcase soon after taking Ashley’s. I was cheering like them…without a bottle of champagne to celebrate with though, unfortunately! I was so glad to see Chris let both girls go even though he could’ve kept one. I think that is a good lesson for all of us. If you aren’t 110% about the person you are dating you need to let them go even if you’re not sure about your future prospects. It can be hard though since we don’t have ten other guys waiting in the wings like Chris has women. But it is still a good principle to follow.

Another lesson we can learn from Kelsey is the idea that it is important to work on being a good person who is kind to others, not just looking out for what you want. Men eventually see that and are attracted to genuinely good people. Most men are not looking for someone who is selfish, condescending, rude and manipulative—all things that Kelsey is.  So we should always try to be our best self even when we are not around the guy we like. Imagine that the guy you are dating could have access to a hidden camera that follows you around all day. Would you try to be a better person throughout your day? As a start, let’s try to be a better person than Kelsey and we will already be on a very good path to dating success!

One more thing…how do you all feel about Britt? Do you think she is a front-runner because of her strong chemistry with Chris or are they not truly compatible? I believe that it is important to have a strong connection and chemistry, which they have together. But I could name a few of the other girls who have more of what Chris wants long-term. I believe Chris will see it in time but it is hard for the other woman to not get jealous and insecure now. I mean, almost all the girls were crying when they saw Chris not only kiss Britt in front of them but also leave with her for an hour to take her to that concert. Whitney made a good point when she said, “You start to compare yourself to her and she is so beautiful so it makes you feel really insecure about yourself.” I think their situation on The Bachelor is intensified but in our normal lives it is also easy to compare ourselves to other woman and feel insecure. We get to thinking that we might not be enough for the guy we are interested in. But like I said, I believe that Chris will find a better match than Britt and that all you single woman out there will find the right match for you. The right man will adore you for exactly who you are even if that doesn’t fit the mold of the classically beautiful face, body or personality.

Any other highlights from the show that you want to talk about? Share it with us here!

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