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Bachelor Blog: Poor Me I Have 3 Girlfriends to Choose From:(

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Don’t get me wrong, I think Chris has shown himself to be a respectable guy this season of The Bachelor. But I was a little annoyed by his behavior this episode. He was so, “Poor me I have to choose 2 instead of 3 beautiful girlfriends. Boo hoo!


I’m sure his decision was tough but not because he had to break a girl’s heart but because he wanted to be sure that both of the girls he chose would drop their life and move to the middle of nowhere farm town to be marry him. I’m not even a huge feminist and this just doesn’t seem fair. Yes, the girls knew a little about what they were getting into when they agreed to be on the show with a farmer Bachelor. But it does seem like a lot to ask to just expect these ladies to drop everything and start popping out babies at the rate Chris sees fit.


Chris was having trouble deciding between the girls because Whitney and Kaitlyn said they loved him and would move to Arlington no problem, but Becca had some hesitation. You can tell he really likes Becca so he kept asking if she would change her mind. He already got her to give up her virginity in the fantasy sweet so why not make a small move to the most boring town in America right? Just kidding. We don’t know if they doozed it in the fantasy sweet but I think she was just itching to give that V-Card to Chris;).


So later Chris had to pull her aside at the rose ceremony to see if she can verbalize less doubt and more, “Hell yes, I’m 26 but I’m ready to move to poo-smelling farm town and start making babies with you!” What he got was, “Arlington is not off the table. I don’t want you to think it is off the table.” I think she meant, “I am going to say I will move to Arlington so this cute guy doesn’t dump me on national television.” But it was enough for Chris to see some spark of hope for their future so he drops Kaitlyn like no big thang.


Poor Kaitlyn. Here she is thinking Chris is escorting Becca out so he doesn’t have to humiliate her at a rose ceremony and instead proceeds to come back and humiliate her instead, with no explanation. He just says how excruciating it has been for him. But what about how Kaitlyn feels? I guess that is just how it goes on The Bachelor but I still feel bad for her. Maybe she can be the next Bachelorette so she can be in control for once! She is my vote for the next Bachelorette (shout out to Dave for bringing it to my attention last night)!


So what are your predictions for the winner? I think Chris is feeling strongly for Whitney but she is almost too easy. She is ready to move to the ghost town, be a mom and wife, and have sex with him before they are married. But Becca is a challenge. He likes her a lot and her hesitation is somehow even more of a turn-on. But does he really see it working out with Becca? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try. It is clear that Whitney is the more compatible life partner but who knows if Chris will take a chance on the not-so-sure-thing-Becca.


What are your thoughts? Who do you think Chris will pick in the end? And are you excited for his sisters to tell him what’s up on the next episode? We will have to wait until the women tell all episode but we will know soon!

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