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Bachelor Blog: The Conflicted Rose Goes to Whitney

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So it happened! Chris made his choice and proposed to Whitney. Was it what you expected? I thought he would pick her but I didn’t know he would be that conflicted about the final decision and be so hung up on Becca.


I think he really wanted it to work with Becca and tried everything he could to push her to say what he wanted to hear. Do you think that if she had said she loved him and would move to Iowa that he would’ve picked her? I think yes, but of course Chris denies that. He says he is just looking forward as opposed to questioning the past. Well of course you just want to focus on a future with the girl who didn’t reject you. Smart move buddy!


I have to say that I am glad that Becca was very honest about her feelings though. If she had sugarcoated it or lied, she would’ve ruined it for Chris and for herself. She is young and doesn’t know what she wants and I don’t blame her for that. It makes sense with her lack of experience in love. I also think it is very reasonable to not be sure if you love someone and want to marry them in two months. I think she was real and authentic and revealed as much as she could even when she didn’t completely understand what she was feeling.


What did you think about Whitney not watching the show? I have to say, I think she had quite the willpower but was also pretty smart. I don’t think I could do it because I would be dying to watch. But at the same time, it would make me feel so bad to see him with all those other women, kissing and telling them he was falling for them. There is a part of me that thinks she just chooses to be in denial. But mostly, I think it is just a healthier choice so she can focus on her relationship with Chris instead of letting his interactions with the other girls get to her.


Finally, what do you think about the choice to have both Britt and Kaitlyn be The Bachelorette? I have to say I’m disappointed because I like Kaitlyn much better. But I guess enough people like Britt that they wanted her on the show. I wonder how it will work out having them both dating the guys. It will make the show interesting to watch though.


Congrats to the happy couple who will soon be enjoying their quiet lives in No-where-ville, Iowa. I hope you will be very happy together. And thank you for all my Bachelor Blog readers. It has been fun communicating with you during this season. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and did it “for the right reasons.” Leave me a last comment and let me know what you think. Xoxo

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