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Bachelor Blog: How to Stop Ourselves From Unraveling Like Britt

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This was quite the interesting Bachelor week wouldn’t you say? The biggest drama was the unraveling of Britt, which I must say, was fun to watch. Here is a little recap so I can discuss what went wrong with Britt and how we can not make the same mistakes she did! Also there will be some highlights from the hometown dates and my prediction of the winner!

Here are some key moments Britt had that ultimately led to her demise and how we can stop ourselves from making the same mistakes!

1. Carly said that, “Britt thinks she is the Bachelorette and wants to be number one. She thinks we can be 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th but she wants to be first.” We want to be confident that we are the best person out there for our soul mate. However, we don’t want to be selfish people without humility and gratitude. Britt never seemed to be grateful for the time she spent with Chris and the countless roses she was given, confirming that he did, in fact, really like her. I think she got used to being first in his eyes and when she realized that he liked other girls as well, she couldn’t handle it. The lesson here is to practice gratitude and a positive attitude in dating. This is not only attractive to men but helps you not fall into a competitive, self-centered spiral. If you focus on self-confidence instead of being better than others, you focus less on comparison and more on being a unique and quality individual.

2. Kaitlyn made a great point when she said, “Britt doesn’t know what she wants. She is molding herself to be that person that Chris wants her to be. One second she is like ‘I could never see myself in Arlington’ and the next second she is saying ‘Oh I love the sunset there!’” Carly says that Britt is one of the fakest people she has ever seen. This is another problem with Britt that we can learn from. She likes Chris so much that she is losing herself in him. She is doing and saying anything she thinks Chris wants to hear so she is his number one. This is something a lot of us do in dating because we want to be accepted and loved. But we are not being our authentic selves and showing our man who we really are, which can never lead to a truly intimate relationship. Chris was able to ultimately see this and he didn’t like it because it seemed false. Being honest and genuine will ultimately lead you to the right place with the right person.

3. Finally when Britt went off on Chris for giving Kaitlyn the rose she sealed her fate. She was upset because she felt she was his number one and if she could share her heart with him how could he not pick her? I think she was so used to being first and getting the rose that she was throwing a fit like a baby. Underneath it all was insecurity. She has always gotten validation through the rose before and as soon as she didn’t get it first, she questioned it. She didn’t question it in a respectful, humble way either. She questioned him in a little spoiled brat way, which let’s face it, is not attractive to men. We all feel crazy emotions sometimes when we don’t feel secure in ourselves but we have to be able to respond in healthy ways. This is a lesson for us to practice processing our emotions. We want to shift any false or negative beliefs with positive affirmations. This will help us find that confidence in ourselves and not always seek validation from others. It will also help us to not lash out in a crazy little bitch baby fit!

Hometowns! Let’s go through the highlights of the hometown dates so I can tell you who my pick is to win the Bachelor!

Hometown 1: Becca

I think Becca is such a sweet girl. I can see why Chris likes her. It doesn’t bother me that she is inexperienced and a virgin and I don’t think Chris will mind either. However, the part in her that is less comfortable with intimacy, opening up and being close to someone is a red flag. I think this ultimately makes Chris uncomfortable and leads me to believe they aren’t a good match. But we will have to see in the next episode if anything changes!

Hometown 2: Whitney

I think this all started with her date with Chris in Iowa that made me believe she has clinched the win. Their date seemed so natural and fun. She got along great with his best friends. She also opened up about her parents and was vulnerable yet strong. Chris also got to see that side of her in Chicago when he met her family. She showed her feelings when she opened up a bottle of wine that she was saving until she found the man she saw herself with. That was heartfelt and genuine and meant a lot to Chris I think. Chris said that, “no question she will make me a better man.” He believes that she is such a good person she will help make him better, which is a sign of a good partner. So, Whitney is my top pick unless something drastic happens next week.

Hometown 3: Kaitlyn

I love Kaitlyn and think she is so funny and real. But when I see her interaction with Chris there is something about it that is off. I don’t see physical chemistry or a love connection there. I believe they both feel a lot for each other but their body language doesn’t jive for some reason. I think it just looks so much more natural and loving with Whitney. Sorry to say it but I don’t think the long-term connection is there with Kaitlyn.

Hometown 4: Jade

I know she was sent home but I wanted to mention her date because of the bombshell she dropped on Chris about posing for Playboy. I was glad to see that Chris didn’t judge her and didn’t let that be the reason he didn’t chose her. I do think that she was the most guarded and he didn’t get to see that real “wild mustang” in her. His connection was stronger with the other woman I think because they have showed more of their true selves with Chris. It was really hard for him to let her go though which was sad.

So, who do you think is the front-runner to win the Bachelor and why? Share all your thoughts with us!

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