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Bachelor Blog: The Importance of Faith in Relationships

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments


There were a lot of highlights from this episode but the main theme that came up for me was the lack of faith the girls have in themselves. I will be using some examples from yesterday’s episode to show you how to keep the faith!


I have to say that I was sad to see Ashley S and her crazy go because of the entertainment it provides. However, it needed to be done.

I thought Kelsey was so sweet before, but now I saw a side to her that I really don’t like. She was so negative on the camping date and super fake when she actually talked to Chris. She said something like “I’m from Michigan and that is where you should go for a lake not this hell hole.” Then she got stung by a bee, which she deserved! I feel like a good quality of a person is to make the most out of every situation even if it is not ideal for you. She just complained, judged and was a pouty baby, and that is not attractive at all. I believe that Chris will discover this at some point.

I liked the one on one date Chris had with Jade. She is not as outgoing as the other girls but seems to be really authentic and special. I could see how she might be a good match for Chris. But I was a little disgusted by the shameless plug for the Cinderella movie. That was just way more advertising than was needed. I mean, half the show seemed to be devoted to publicizing that damn Cinderella movie!

Now for the theme for today:

I started thinking about the idea of faith when Britt brought up some things to Chris before the rose ceremony. She seemed to question his intentions saying he was validating inappropriate behavior by giving Kaitlyn a rose on the camping date (because she took off her suit bottoms at the lake). I can actually see why Chris would be upset with this accusation when Britt wasn’t there and she doesn’t know what Chris sees when he is alone with other girls. I didn’t like that Kaitlyn took off her suit at the time and thought it was inappropriate. But then when I saw her conversation with Chris I could see that she had some great qualities and that there was a good connection with Chris. That girl cracks me up more than anyone else and has a good personality. Maybe the skinny-dipping was more her silliness than trying to get attention. Usually I always think when girls do that they are trying to get attention but it could have been different with her who knows? All I know is that I completely forgot about her taking off her suit when I saw her with Chris and maybe he forgot too because it wasn’t as important as who she really is deep down. So, I think Britt should have more faith in herself and her connection with Chris that she doesn’t need to question Chris’ relationship with other girls compared to her. She started getting insecure since she hadn’t talked to him all week and I think made a choice to talk to him out of fear. It didn’t set well with him. The lesson here is to focus on what you can do which is be yourself and the rest will work itself out. Focus on what you see with the guy you are dating right in front of you and they will reveal their true selves too. Expect the best until you are given a reason to expect something else.

I also think Ashley I. could work on having more faith in herself. She seems so childish and insecure. She is always so concerned about what Chris thinks of her and feels she has to explain herself to him instead of just being confident in who she is. When you are self-assured the guy you are dating will see the real you. It is when you act false or give another impression of yourself that they won’t understand you. She was so worried after telling him she was a virgin and then he still gave her a rose. I know it is natural to second-guess yourself when you really like someone but she takes this to a whole new level. Relax girl!

Finally, the date with Jillian was a good example of faith in a relationship. I think she didn’t have faith in her true self and was talking a lot from her ego. Because she was nervous and a little insecure, she boasted about her fitness competition wins instead of getting more personal and deep about what she was passionate about. Chris saw this as her talking a lot and probably bragging to make herself look good. People see through that and instead want real connection. If she worked on having faith in herself and really showing that realness and vulnerability, there would have been more of a connection I think.

I have to say that Chris seems to be exhibiting faith though. He had faith in his intuition that told him it wasn’t a right match with Jillian and let her go. He seems to know what he wants and who he is and has faith that if he listens to his heart and gut he will make the right decision. I’m sure it is a little easier for him to do that since he is in the position of “power” being the Bachelor and the girls don’t have any control over what happens. However, I think things would go much better for the girls if they acted like they were in charge too. It is important to remember that they have to discover if Chris is a good match for them instead of just trying to make him like them. Having faith in who they are and revealing their true selves will ensure that they have a good shot at making a real connection with Chris.

I hope that this can be a lesson for us to also keep the faith in ourselves and reveal that authenticity to the guys that we date. You also want to have faith that if it is meant to be and there is a connection, it will move forward. If it doesn’t then have the faith that the right match is out there and you can move on from the relationships that don’t work with confidence.

How would you like to keep the faith more in your dating life? Share with us!


  1. It is important for women in particular to have confidence in themselves in order to attract the right people into their lives–platonically or romantically. When women are insecure, it is easier to attract an insecure man who is more interested in how he can degrade her, rather than respect her. When he sees that she is her own person, he is more likely to want to share in who she is, rather thsn denigrate who she is. Bravo to the secure bachlorettes.

  2. Thank you for your comment Catherine! I agree that like attracts like and we should be working on being secure in ourselves so we attract a man who is secure as well. I also agree that people are more attracted to others when they are their own person. We all want to be with people like that so bravo for working on our insecurities! Thanks!

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