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Bachelor Blog: What’s up with Chris?

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Okay ladies, what did you think about week two of The Bachelor? I thought it was one of the most entertaining ever! There are some crazy girls this season. I almost want Chris to give them roses so they stick around and provide us with laughs.

While the crazy ones are fun to watch, I’m a bit confused as to why Chris continues to give them roses. He admitted that one girl raised some red flags on his date and another was talking so much nonsense he was uncomfortable. These are not great impressions to give a guy yet he willingly gave them roses over some other seemingly normal girls. Is Chris too nice? Does he only see the good in people? Does he give the girls too many chances? Does he like a little crazy?

I’m going to go through some examples from last night and see if we can get to the bottom of this!

MacKenzie: During Chris’ date with MacKenzie she complimented his nose saying she liked how big it was. That was a little awkward. She also asked if he believed in aliens. I would say you should stay away from insults and controversial topics on a first date but her one saving grace was talking genuinely about her son. I thought for sure she wouldn’t get a rose because Chris even said there were some red flags on that date…obviously. But he admired the way she talked about her kid even as weird as she was. So…she got a rose. Chris really likes the “unique” girls I guess.

Ashley S: During the final group date, the girls and Chris had to shoot at zombies. Ashley’s behavior was so bizarre no one understood what she was talking about. Some of the quotes from last night were, “Boom like the truth,” “Are we in Mesa Verde?” and “Let’s play hide and seek.” She was acting so strangely it seemed to make Chris uncomfortable so I was a little shocked when she got a rose. Why did Chris give her another chance? He says that while she seemed odd at times, other times she talked intelligently. I guess the only time we saw her on the show was when she was crazy. They didn’t air her normal moments but those must have been the moments that saved her. How long do you think she will last on the show, ladies?

Now let’s talk for a second about the girls who didn’t get a rose:

Jordan: Oh we had such high hopes for Jordan, being from Windsor, CO and all. But this girl got drunk every night. Her twirk hand stand was quite impressive but she was what my sister likes to call a “holy hot mess!” She lived up to her drunken reputation on the rose ceremony night and I don’t think Chris was impressed when she put on lots of lipstick and awkwardly tried to kiss him…sort of. So, goodbye Jordan. I will miss your twirking!

Laura: Even though Laura was the drunk girl last week, I did feel bad for her this rose ceremony. She didn’t get wasted and she was really trying to make a connection with Chris. She didn’t get a rose though. Chris didn’t seem to feel a connection with her, which is fine but it really broke her. She said that she is never anyone’s number one, she’s been rejected so many times she should get used to it by now, and that it always ends in heart break for her. I think she could use a shift in her belief system. She is giving all the control to the guys and thinking she has to change because they don’t like her as she is. Instead she should recognize her good qualities and know that she is worthy of someone who appreciates exactly who she is. Not everyone you date will be a good match but the right one for you will love you for who you are so don’t except less than that!

What do you think was up with Chris? Do you agree with the choices he made? Tell us about it and share this with your friends!

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