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Bachelor Blog: How to Get Your Own First Impression Rose

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And we’re off! The new season of The Bachelor is here! What did you think of the show last night? Did it deliver all of that great drama you crave?

There were some classic Bachelor elements that were great to see but also some over the top components like the hour of red carpet interviews. What do you think? It seemed a bit over blown for me to have that red carpet addition. I did like Chris Harrison’s interview with Nikki when he desperately tried to get her to throw Juan Pablo under the bus. To me that was the best and only interesting part of the red carpet hour. But I guess for Bachelor fans it is nice to see how all their past favorites are doing.

Red-RoseNow for the main part of the show: I think the big drama in the first episode is always “Who is going to get the first impression rose?” The girls stress, freak out, get jealous and basically go crazy all in the hopes of being Chris’ favorite first impression. It made me think about how, while The Bachelor is an extreme case of dating, we all experience a similar sense of urgency to get a good first impression on a first date. We all, to a certain extent, stress and freak out wondering if the guy likes us.

The lesson I saw shining through this first episode is how you can naturally and effortlessly get your own “first impression rose” on every first date you have! Even based on the words of Chris himself it sounds so easy, “Just be yourself. That’s what I did and that’s why I’m here and the luckiest man in the world.” The most important thing you can do is be yourself, and be secure in the person you are. That radiates and attracts the guy who is right for you.

There are some more tips I discovered after watching last night that will help you make that great first impression. We can definitely learn from some of the girls’ mistakes last night!

1. Don’t overly try to get your date’s attention. When the girls come out of the limo some of them are authentic and reveal things about themselves and others make a spectacle to be remembered. Most of the time the natural, authentic women have more success. Remember the girl who had him close his eyes and gave him a secret admirer note? It was memorable but in the end, he didn’t give her a rose. I presume it was because while she was trying to be clever, he never got a chance to have that moment alone with her where he could see her face and get to know a little about her. It lacked genuineness and didn’t help him get to know her. Remember this on your first date: You don’t have to do anything crazy to be “remembered.” Being authentic and revealing things that are true and genuine about yourself is attractive. Then, if your energy aligns with your date there will no doubt be a connection and a great first impression!

2. Don’t cry on the first date! This should be a given but it is kind of fun to make a point of it still. One of the girls last night got out of the limo and gave Chris a hug that was awkwardly long. Then you could see her tearing up. No guy wants to see a girl cry on the first date. Crying comes later like after he has witnessed your mood swings while PMSing. We want to keep it positive and happy ladies so avoid conversation or thoughts that will bring you to tears!

3. Be genuinely curious about the other person on your date.  Chris said he gave Britt the first impression rose because she made him feel so good. In order to make him feel those great feelings she had to be showing care and interest in him, not just trying to talk about herself. It is important to show genuine curiosity and care for the other person you are getting to know on a first date and not worry as much about everything you are going to say. It is nice to feel like another person is interested in you and how you are doing and Britt did that for Chris. They also had a real connection. In order to do that you need to really be present in the moment with who you are talking to – listen to him and respond authentically rather than waiting to say all the best things about yourself.

4. Don’t get wasted. This is probably another no brainer but we can learn from Tara and her drunken stupidity. It was not attractive to Chris and it won’t be to the guy you are on a date with. The only thing that saved Tara was the fact that she revealed who she really was to Chris with her down-to-earth, country personality at the beginning of the night. She showed a genuine side of herself to him and he got a good impression from that. However, she almost ruined it by drinking so much whiskey she almost passed out at the rose ceremony. Chris gave her a second chance but you may not be so lucky. So drink modestly ladies (at least on the first date) ;)

What were some of your favorite highlights from the first episode? What are your tips for our readers on how they can get their own first impression rose? Your comments and interaction is important. Give us your thoughts below and share this blog with all your Bachelor friends!


  1. I’m team Kelsey!

    • Thanks for commenting Sara! I agree Kelsey looks like a sweetheart and it so open and real. She seems really positive too which is refreshing for the show.

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