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Woman coaching another womanMagnifying your Awesomeness

12 week package
Reveal your inner awesome self and break down barriers to begin to get all you want in life, including the man you deserve!

Have you been saying to yourself “I feel like I am a good catch. I have a lot of my life put together, now I am ready for a great man. So, why is it not happening? Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to compromise myself or settle for someone less than the best?” Absolutely not! You just need a little coaching guidance to help you discover any barriers holding you back, as well as how you can magnify your awesome, authentic self to attract the man perfect for you! In the Magnify your Awesomeness 12 Week Program, you get weekly one-on-one guidance where I support you, guide you, and get you on the fast track to love. My iChart index brings amazing insight to EXACTLY what is limiting you from finding your true love. My insight, tools and dating advice have helped many women just like you make the discoveries and shifts needed to reveal their personal power to find and sustain love!

Package Includes:

  • *iChart Index Assessment with 60 minute Discovery Debrief
  • 12 One-on-One Phone Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Support

    Action=Attraction Intensive Program

    The fastest way to make discoveries, breakthrough barriers and get what you desire

    Do you feel like you don’t have 3 months to attract the love of your life? Take action now in this intensive, high-impact program. In this program, I focus intensive time on barriers, baggage, limiting beliefs, values, desires and many other important tools to breaking down what is keeping you from finding the love you want in your life. In this intensive you get more than just dating advice, you actually see life changing results. If you are serious about finding love NOW, I am ready to challenge you to dig deep and get intense, so you can see results FAST! I support, yet challenge, and create a trusting foundation, yet hold you accountable in this life changing intensive. If you are a busy lady with limited time, but are ready for love in your life, this is the program for you! Take action now and it will lead you right to the man of your dreams!

    Intensive Includes:

  • Introductory Session
  • 3 hour Intensive Session
  • Action Session
  • Unlimited Email Support
    *Scheduling tailored to your availability. All sessions are by phone unless requested by client and scheduled locally in Chicago, IL

    iChart Index Assessment and Discovery Debrief

    Discover EXACTLY what is keeping you from finding your life partner

    Do you feel like you want to be married or in a serious relationship but it is just not happening for you? You haven’t met that perfect person yet and you are wondering why? The iChart Index Assessment is an incredible tool that measures how you are “showing up” in the world. This assessment is amazingly accurate at identifying what factors are working for you or against you in attracting love and other desires into your life. During the discovery debrief, I offer insight, read between the lines of the results and intuitively discover your unique strengths and areas for growth. This gives you a clear starting point to grow and get the results you want most. This assessment will change the way you engage in your life and make you feel energized, hopeful and confident to take on the world of finding love as your best self! It’s also a great way to see if working with me is a good fit for you. If you purchase this assessment and decide to work with me through any other coaching package, you will get the price of the assessment deducted from your package charge. This means this life-changing tool could be yours free!


  • iChart Index Assessment
  • 60 minute Discovery Debrief
    *Included with 12 week package

    Your needs and goals come first. I am happy to discuss any questions you have regarding coaching service packages and am here to help you decide which one may be right for you! If you have any questions or are ready to sign up to work with me, please fill out the email form. I am looking forward to hearing from you!