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How to Not Hate Valentine’s Day This Year

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Sad girl with heart. St. Valentine Day

How are you feeling about Valentine’s Day this year? Are you dating someone new and excited to have a romantic night? Are you single and feeling like this day is a sad reminder that you don’t have someone you love to spend it with? For me, while I am grateful for my boyfriend and how happy we are together, I still found myself feeling very negative about Valentine’s Day this year.

I tried to think about why I felt so annoyed about the idea of Valentine’s Day when I am supposed to be the love coach—all about dating, relationships and celebrating them. I realized that I don’t like the contrived nature of Valentine’s Day. It just feels so inauthentic to have a day where you feel you have to do something special or buy someone something.

I recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary with my boyfriend, which was exciting and fun. That was a special day where we celebrated our relationship and the time we have been together. I have no problem with this meaningful celebration. But Valentine’s Day seems more external and less personal because everyone celebrates it and it comes with expectations of what you should do. Do men feel that they have to give us flowers and pay for an expensive dinner? Probably. Do we feel that we have to give them a thoughtful gift and maybe some new underwear with hearts on them? Probably. With all the expectations it feels less genuine and more commercial.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to go out to nice dinners, and I love an excuse to celebrate. But something about Valentine’s Day has been giving me a bad attitude this year. I don’t want to have a bad attitude since I am the LOVE coach so I eventually thought of a solution. I decided to find the essence of what Valentine’s Day should really be about and celebrate that—instead of feeling I need to buy into the commercial idea of Vday. When I realized this, my whole attitude changed.

I think that the idea of Valentine’s Day is to remind us to tell those important to us that we love them. It is a time to be grateful for our loved ones and show them how special they are to us. What Valentine’s Day should remind us to do is to show this gratitude more often than just one day a year. I think there is a problem if Valentine’s Day is the only day you get something special from your sweetheart or go out for a celebratory dinner. It would be nice to celebrate your relationship by having date nights weekly. It would be nice to send a monthly email or text to your best friend you don’t see often. Telling your loved ones what they mean to you should be a regular occurrence, not just a Valentine’s Day act.

Valentine's Day GirlSo, this year let’s take on a whole new attitude around Valentine’s Day and let it be a reminder for us to be our best selves. Let it remind us to show love and gratitude daily, not just on one day a year that was created for us. This way, we can smile on Valentine’s Day and remember to love ourselves, love our life, and love those closest to us! Go out there and get your love on!


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